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Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions: offers a wide range of services. “” is in partnership with major travel brands. We as a third party list hotels, flights, car rental, taxi services, attractions & guides, trains, cinema tickets, a restaurant booking service and an event booking platform. Also we include cruises, holiday deals, holiday rental and travel insurance, surfing holidays, bike rental and airport parking. We use trusted providers to offer customers a wide selection of travel deals on one platform. services:

Booking all our partnerships through “” is a website that provides an online booking service. Users can book on and make a reservation for any of these services. do not own any of these services and do not own any if the booking services as this is all booked through our Partners. 

Our partnerships have their own terms and conditions. When booking via “” you are committed to the provider’s terms and conditions. Therefore, “” is not a travel operator and only a website that connects users to third parties. 

There is no contract between and the user, as stated that once booked the user is bounded with the third party’s conditions. We offer a free service to book through Users can access “” on any platform as they wish.

Protection of data:

“” do not hold users personal information. All users data is held by our providers and cannot access user’s personal details. If user’s wants to access their data this will have to be done through third party entities.


Liability:” is not liable for the content that is provided by third parties. can only provide the content that is provided by our partnerships. cannot guarantee price and availability as this can change by our external providers. is not responsible for any changes in price whilst booking as we do not directly own any of these services. 

All the information on “” website is partnerships with companies who provide flight, cruise, hotel, car rentals, taxi and much more partnerships (see above). The prices and booking availability is powered by the providers pricing principles. We can only display provider’s information to ensure users have greater access and can search through options that are provided via external providers.


Travel Insurance:

This service is provided by world Pty ltd. You should always check and review the full description of coverage contained in the policy statement to make sure you have chosen the right policy for you. Once you completed filling out the enquiry form you will be redirected to Pty ltd to continue your booking. Terms and conditions, travel insurance pricing and policy benefits will change depending on the plan to upgrades you’ve added. is not responsible for any claims that may be made this would have to be discussed with they will provide all the information needed to make a claim. We are a third party that is not liable to any claims and once a customer purchases travel insurance they are bounded with terms and conditions. will only provide clear information on what provides we will not manipulate your judgement on purchasing travel insurance. We only provide travel insurance information to ensure our customers make an informed choice on their travel insurance. 

Email Marketing offers customers to sign up to its email marketing list. We store customers email addresses to send updated newsletters with deals that our partnerships provide.

We use a trusted company to store email addresses and do not share with third party companies. We utilise a processor that is part of the EU and a trusted provider. abides by data protection Act 2018 were by we safely hold customers data. Customers have an option to not insert their email address to receive newsletters in their inbox.

On the ‘subscribe’ page we clearly outline what we utilise customers email addresses to only send newsletters. It is noted that customers email addresses will only be used to send newsletters with content, promotions and deals to keep customers up to date with “” information. offer an unsubscribe option to our customers to ensure that if a customer does not want to receive newsletter they are able to opt out of this subscription.